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Concept Designs and Sculptural Work for Films and Games
London, United Kingdom


The Witcher 3 (2022) (Concept Artist)
Le Règne Animal (2022) (Concept Artist)
The Substance (2022) (Concept Artist)
The Witcher: Blood Origin (2021) (Concept Artist/Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Asteroid City (2021) (Concept Artist/Sculptor)
Hellblade 2 (2021) (Video Game) (2021) (Character Sculptor)
The Last Voyage of Demeter (2021) (Concept Artist)
Aquaman 2 (2021) (Concept Artist/ Prosthetic Sculptor)
Dungeons & Dragons (2021) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor)
Men (2021) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor)
Mission: Impossible 7 (2020) (Digital Prosthetic Sculptor)
The School for Good and Evil (2020) (Concept Artist/ Prosthetic Sculptor)
The Sandman (2020) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Venom 2 (2019) (Key Character Sculptor)
Black Narcissus (TV) (2019) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
The Midnight Sky (2019) ( Key Sculptor)
The Green Knight (2019) (Concept Sculptor)
Devs (TV) (2018) (Sculptor)
Pinocchio (2018) (Concept Sculptor/ Key Sculptor)
The Cursed (Eight for Silver) (2018) (Creature Concept Sculptor)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2018) (Special Costume Dept./Sculptor)
Chernobyl (TV) (2018) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Dolittle (2018) (Concept Artist)
Artemis Fowl (2017) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Detective Pikachu (2017) (Head Sculptor)
Game of Thrones (2017) (Season 8) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor)
Patrick Melrose (TV) (2017) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Overlord (2017) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Electric Dreams (TV) (2017) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Suspiria (2016) (Concept Artist/ Key Prosthetic Sculptor)
Justice League (2016) (Sculptor/ Special Costume Dept)
Breath (2016) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Cold Skin (2016) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Annihilation (2016) (Lead Creature Sculptor)
The Mummy (2015) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Anthropoid (2015) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Miss Peregrin‘s Home for Peculiars (2015) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Zoolander 2 (2015) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur (2014) (Concept Artist)
The Revenant (2014) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Game of Thrones (2014) (Season 5) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2014) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
The Legend of Tarzan (2014) (Mangani Creature Designer)
Exodus (2013) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Dracula Untold (2013) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Atlantis (2013) (TV) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Horizon Zero Dawn (Video Game) (2013) (Sculptor)
Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) (Concept Sculptor/ Prosthetic Sculptor)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2012) (Sculptor)
La Belle et la Bête (2012) (Concept Sculptor)
The Identical (2012) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Game of Thrones (2012) (Season 3) (Creature Sculptor)
Ryse: Son of Rome (Video Game (2012) (Character Sculptor)
Cold Skin (2011) (Concept Artist)
Snow White and the Huntsman (2011) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Dark Shadows (2011) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor/ Prosthetic Sculptor)
The Dark Knight Rises (2011) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
Wrath of the Titans (2011) (Prosthetic Sculptor)
The Prey (2010) (Concept Artist)
The Skin I live in (2010) (Sculptor)
The Impossible (2010) (Special Makeup Effects Sculptor)
Sur la piste du Marsupilami (2009) (Concept Sculptor)
Gainsbourg (2008) (Concept Sculptor/ Prosthetic Sculptor)
Biutiful (2008) (Prosthetic Sculptor/ Painter)
Pandorum (2008) (Lifecasts)
Pope Joan (2008) (Sculptor)
Mr. Nobody (2007) (Concept Artist)
Contact High (2007) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor)
Speed Racer (2007) (Concept Sculptor/ Special Costume Sculptor)
Virus Undead (2006) (Concept Artist/ Prosthetic Sculptor)
Rudy: The Return of the Racing Pig (2006) (Sculptor)
Lissy and the Wild Emperor (2005) (Character Sculptor)
Crocodile Alert (TV 2005) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor/ Painter)
A Christmoose Carol (2005) (Concept Artist/ Sculptor)
Æon Flux (2004) (Sculptor)
Bloodrayne (2004) (Concept Sculptor/ Prosthetic Sculptor/ Painter)
Ein Koala-Bär allein zu Haus (TV 2003) (Sculptor/ Painter)


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